Are you ready to write your book?

Get expert help with the process from writing to publishing

to promotion to your profit platform

with expert  6X Best Selling author Jennifer Hoffman.

You may want to write a book or have a great idea for one and you don’t know how to get started.

Writing the book is one thing – publishing and marketing it is a whole different matter.

I know, I have been there too. It took me over a year to write my first book and I was almost too scared to publish it.

My last two books were written and published in a weekend.

To date I have self published 6 best selling books and I will share my expertise with you to get your book written and published and then promoted and platformized™ so you can build a thriving presence around your book.

Let me help you turn your big book vision into a finished and profitable book in print.


The GPS Author Academy Program is completed over 6 months and here are the steps you will take to get your book written and published and platformized™:

  1. You’ll receive guidance with creating your book’s basic theme, story, and message and to start writing
  2. Create a writing outline and schedule so you get your book finished and ready to print and release
  3. We’ll cover editing, proofreading, and how to format your book for print and digital publication
  4. How to design a cover or submit your ideas to a cover designer(and some great free or low cost resources)
  5. Both ways to publish – self publishing or hiring an agent so you can make the publishing choice that is right for you
  6. We’ll create a launch plan that covers pre-launch and post-launch activities
  7. Formulate a 6 month marketing plan so your book continues to sell after launch
  8. How to protect your work using registered copyright and other forms of IP protection
  9. Setting up a book website so you can build a mailing list and offer special gifts to your readers
  10. How to get your book to #1 bestseller status the honest way, without cheating, doing book buyouts, or gaming the system
  11. How to platformize™ your book to create a range of courses, programs, products, and speaking topics
  12. A full 6 months of support from concept to launch.

It is now very easy to write and publish your own book. But even if you find an agent and a publisher, you still need to market and promote your book yourself. I’m going to teach you how to do that and we will have 6 full months together to get it all done.


Over the next 6 months, you will go through the lessons in the GPS Author Academy Program and progress through writing, publishing, and promoting your book.  I’ll be there with you and this is what you will receive:

  • Course material includes videos, audios, worksheets, and live & recorded calls, all materials can be downloaded to your personal digital media devices and/or computer
  • Coaching in all areas of book writing, editing, proofing, publishing, marketing and platform creation
  • Course is in a members only area accessed via a login so everything is secure and private
  • 2 Q&A and coaching calls a month plus you have the option to sign up for virtual office hours coaching
  • Two 30 minute personal calls with Jennifer to discuss your Book Basics and how to platformize it (a $695 value)
  • A private members only facebook where you can meet with other authors
  • Two live weekend (Friday-Sunday) Master Classes to work on your book and strategize your platform (location and dates TBA)
  • Jennifer will conduct a live video/audio interview with you for your book which you can use for your marketing purposes

PLUS an Extra BONUS – interviews with publishing industry professionals who will share their tips and advice with you, including a very special interview with the developer of the book formatting software that made my first self published book possible – and I still use it today. In fact, I just published  my 7th book and used that book template to format my book for printing (it’s one of the resources I will share with you in the GPS Author Program).

How did I become a 6 time best selling self published author? Here’s the story of my 6 books and the stories behind them. If you’re ready to write your book then I hope you’ll join the GPS Author Academy. Note that my first book took me nearly a year to write and I was almost too scared to publish it. My last two books were written and published in a weekend. You can do this too and I can show you how.

Register Now for the GPS Author  Academy Author Program and get your book, written, published, launched, and platformized in 6 months with support and guidance for an experienced, expert author.

3 Convenient ways to pay and special pricing and bonuses end soon

Full Payment Option

GPS Author Academy 6 month Author Coaching program
full pay at $997 – A $1000 savings from the regular price of $997

Get a BONUS 30 minute strategy session with Jennifer – a $395 value


3 Payment Option

Register for the GPS Author Academy 6 month Author Coaching Program  with 3 payments of $340, billed monthly

6 Payment Option

Register now for the GPS Author Academy Program with 6 payments of $175, billed monthly

Great author and teacher!

Jennifer writes the best books! I have read them all and love the way she provides information and her easy to read writing style. I know she self publishes and when I finally decided to write my book, I chose her to teach me how to do it so I didn’t waste my time or money. And I know Jennifer makes learning very easy and she always provides great examples and solutions.

Very thorough teaching style & detailed formats

Jennifer is an awesome teacher and her courses are always information packed and very well delivered. I appreciate the detail she provides as well as the great worksheet, materials and examples. Jennifer’s technical background is very helpful because she provides great resources and a wide range of learning options for everyone.

I waited 20 years to write my book!

I thought about writing a book for 20 years then I went to a publishing service and hated the lack of attention and service (and it was expensive!) so I came to Jennifer for help. I like the small group format and her attention to detail as well as all of the information she provides so we can make our own choices about how we publish. Jennifer always shares  interesting tips and resource to share, things you won’t get from anyone else.

Refund Policy

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